Ryan Logan, PhD

Professor of Psychiatry



Dr. Logan is a Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobiology at the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School. He graduated from the University of Maine with a doctorate in Biomedical Sciences in 2009. He then completed postdoctoral fellowships at Rutgers University in immunology, at The Jackson Laboratory in bioinformatics, and at the University of Pittsburgh in molecular neuroscience. He was an Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine from 2015-2020, and an Associate Professor in Pharmacology at Boston University School of Medicine from 2021-2023. His work focuses on understanding the mechanisms underlying the relationships between sleep, circadian rhythms, and psychiatric disorders with the goal of developing novel therapeutics for the treatment of mood and substance use disorders.


  • BA in Psychology. University of Maine, Orono, Orono, ME, United States.
  • PhD in Neuroscience. University of Maine, Orono, Orono, ME, United States

At the core of Dr. Logan’s research is a unique combination of approaches and techniques that spans multiple biological scales, from genetics to molecular signaling pathways within specific cell types connected among neural circuits. His lab leverages functional genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and computational biology, as well as in vivo viral-mediated gene manipulation, intersectional genetics, genome editing, and large-volume whole organ imaging.

By integrating these approaches, Dr. Logan seeks to uncover the complex mechanisms that underlie stress, anhedonia, reward, and motivation, all of which are intricately linked to mood and substance use disorders. His innovative and multi-disciplinary research promises to advance our understanding of these disorders and pave the way for novel and effective treatments that could transform the lives of millions of people around the world.