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Tara Delorme
Postdoctoral Associate

Tara is from Montreal, Canada. She holds a BSc Honours in psychology (2017) from Concordia University, and a PhD (2023) in neuroscience from McGill University under the supervision of Drs. Nicolas Cermakian and Lalit Srivastava. Tara is interested in studying sleep and circadian rhythms as it relates to mental health. She is currently a postdoctoral associate with Dr. Ryan Logan in the Departments of Psychiatry and Neurobiology at the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School. She loves to ride her bike and make her own bar soap!

Chen Fu
Senior Research Scientist

Ph.D. in neuroscience, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2013. Chen's main research interest is the evolution of human brain and complex behaviors. By integrating multi-omic level data, he hope to understand how circadian features in gene expression level could affect neural phenotypes (e.g., synapse plasticity) and behavioral output (e.g., sleep disorder, drug abuse). On the contrary, how behavioral / pharmaceutical / neural input could cause genetic changes in expression, chromatin imprinting or even sequence level.

Mackenzie Gamble
Doctoral Candidate

Mackenzie is a Ph.D. candidate in the program of Molecular and Translational Medicine at Boston University in the Logan lab. His background included investigations of sleep-wake regulation and disorders employing both neuroanatomical and behavioral techniques. In the Logan lab, he studies the molecular mechanisms of underlying substance use, especially how opioid withdrawal leads to sleep disruption. He also functions as the lab’s main source of sarcasm. Outside the lab he is usually analyzing or writing about stuff that happened inside the lab.

Madeline Kuppe
Graduate Student

Maddie studied biopsychology at Tufts University (2017, B.S.) and has extensive research experience in both pre-clinical and clinical settings. She conducted psychopharmacology experiments in rodent models as an undergraduate, and then spent four years in full-time clinical research roles utilizing neuroimaging techniques (MRI, MRS, PET) and neurocognitive assessments to evaluate changes over time in populations across psychiatric and neurologic conditions. As a neuroscience PhD student with Boston University’s GPN, based in the laboratory of Dr. Shelley Russek, Maddie specializes in neuropharmacology and collaborates on 'omics projects with the Logan Lab, primarily working from post-mortem human brain tissue. Maddie's research interests relate to characterizing molecular signatures of disease states ultimately aiming to identify new therapeutic targets to improve neural function.

Juliana Pavan Guimaraes
Postdoctoral Associate

Juliana is originally from Brazil and completed her medical education in the country before embarking on a surgical residency in Sao Paulo. Throughout her career, she gained valuable experience working in various hospitals and healthcare institutions in Brazil. However, she eventually decided to explore new opportunities and relocated to the United States to further her surgical career and engage in research. Juliana dedicated her time to conducting animal surgeries in different labs across the country, and she joined Logan Lab at UMass to study sleep and circadian rhythm disruptions. Juliana has a strong passion for mental health and has a soft spot for holistic therapies. In her leisure time, she enjoys cooking, reading, traveling, and cherishing quality time with her son.

Benjamin Williams
Research Associate

Ben is the Lab Manager & Research Technician in the Logan Lab at UMass Chan Medical School. Before joining the Logan Lab in 2021, his backgrounded included utilizing a combination of behavioral and molecular tools to assess the role of nutrition in pro-inflammatory sleep modulating pathways in zebrafish. Now, within the Logan Lab Ben’s work focuses on how neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome (NOWS) impacts sleep architecture in mice. Outside of lab, Ben enjoys playing guitar, skiing, and collecting vinyl records.

Marco Aurelio Guimaraes
Research Associate

Marco is a physical therapist and former judo athlete from Brazil, specialized in motor and sport rehabilitation. In 2019, he and his family moved to the United States in search of new opportunities. With extensive experience in various fields, Marco pursued opportunities in clinical and academic research laboratory settings. Recently, he was a laboratory manager at a plasma donation center. In his spare time, he enjoys exercising, practicing judo, and playing video games.

Samara Vilca
DSPAN F99/K00 Postdoctoral Fellow

Samara is from South Florida. She received her Honors BA in Biology from Florida Atlantic University (2016) and her PhD from the University of Miami under the mentorship of Dr. Lui Tuesta. Samara joined our group in February 2024. She is interested in the role of circadian rhythms in microglial function and their role in psychiatric disorders. For fun, she can be found baking sweets, playing video games, and occasionally singing karaoke.

Esha Sircar
Predoctoral Student

Esha is from West Bengal, India. She is a PhD student in the graduate school of biomedical sciences at UMass in the Logan lab. She holds a master’s degree in biotechnology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IIT-R). Her background includes studying the biochemical hallmarks of neurodegeneration and the dysfunction of critical proteins in aging and cancer. She is interested in studying the neuropsychiatry of substance use and sleep disorders and integrating her findings with clinical research through neuroimaging and multiomics approaches. She has a brown belt in karate and loves to watch movies and take photographs.
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